How Long Can Cats Go Without Food | What Should I Do

how long can cats go without food

how long can cats go without food

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food | What Should I Do | Kitchen Emporium

so, How long can cats go without food? Being a cat owner, you’re may be worried that your cat suddenly stops eating. We understand your concern.

If cats suddenly stops eating or have less appetite is indication of something is not going right in cat’s body. In case your cat is not eating and you are worried about how long can cats go without food or how long can a newborn kitten go without eating? We recommend you to read our article on kitchen emporium for the solution.

You need to keep an eye on your cat and observe behavior. So you can judge by yourself either your cat needs to take to a vet or not. Because in most cases cats can recover from this phase by itself.


Stay Calm, just keep an eye


If your cat have complex personality and stops eating for any reason. So all the reasons are not need to worry.

Understating the reason if not very tough. So when they start to do that stay calm don’t do anything dramatic.

So, How Long Can Cats Go Without food?


​To live properly cats need a proper diet. This means cats have to eat and drink water regularly.

Cats get most of the water from the food they eat. You need to observe that if the cat is not eating the food you gave, check is she eating from elsewhere. But if she is not eating from any source. Check that if she is drinking water. Cats can live for two weeks if they drink water but not eating food. But if she is also not drinking water. Then you have not much time. Can will not live more than 4 days.

Keep in mind not eating and drinking water can damage them. It also can effect for rest of life.

Take her immediately to the vet if she is not eating and drinking for two to three days. Damages are different of not eating or not drinking water.

Any cat that is not eating properly can cause loss in weight and energy required to function. But once she started eating she will get back to her health easily but herself.

Water is more important for the organs to work properly. In case cat is not drinking water can cause organ damage, like kidney, liver and other organs.

If she is not drinking water from longer time. Will give her bigger damage or may be death.

In such case first her liver and kidney will fail and then heart and brain.

What to Do if Your Cat Stops Eating Suddenly?


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​First of all take her to the vet. Vet will treat her as emergency and may be attach some glucose or ringer drips to rehydrate cat’s body.

After making sure that is cat is not injured vet will admit cat to treat properly. But if you can’t go to vet, you have to treat her by yourself. Find ways that your cat starts eating and drinking water.

With dropper give her water several times. Try giving her soft feed. Try giving her favorite biscuits or anything your cat liked earlier. But you have to take care her until she get back to her good health again.

​Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Is Not Eating


One reason, as specified prior, is a medical issue. She might be harmed or wiped out. This can be anything from damage to a straightforward instance of acid reflux.

It can likewise be a side effect of diabetes. A few cats even experience what’s called cat melancholy. Whatever it is, just a vet can tell without a doubt.

In the event that your cat does not have any craving whatsoever, you ought to have at any rate some thought why she’s acting that way.

There are a few things you can attempt, for example, giving her a cat nourishment or changing to another brand of cat sustenance. Or on the other hand maybe she may likewise require a difference in view, or anything that may make her vibe inspired.

There are various cat sustenance items accessible in the market. You can acquaint your pet with whatever number of these items as could reasonably be expected and see which ones she enjoys.

It might require some experimentation, and let me simply caution you, it may take some time.

Additionally, your cat’s identity ought to likewise be thought about, and she ought to be given some an opportunity to get to know the new flavors.

It is likewise significant that after quite a while of being on a similar eating regimen, it might be that it has dulled the cat’s taste which is precisely why you ought to consider giving her another sort of nourishment or maybe simply purchasing another brand.

Other Health Threats


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One long haul harm is greasy liver ailment or hepatic lipidosis (HL). At the point when a cat’s body does not have enough water or on the off chance that she doesn’t eat for an expanded timeframe, she may wind up defenseless to procuring HL.

A bigger or fatter cat may be more inclined to it, as the body gets in shape, the first to go would be fat or liver fat would not be damaged.

This may because an awkwardness in the body and in the end prompt the beginning of the ailment. Just a vet can decide this without a doubt, by methods for a liver biopsy.

There are a many reasons why cats stop eating. It could be a result of misery, or your cat may simply be searching for assortment in her eating routine.

On the off chance that in the wake of taking a stab at new, your pet is as yet not inspired by nourishment, it might be an ideal opportunity to convey her to the vet for a checkup.

Your cat may have diabetes, liver issue, or a heart condition. In any case, just lab tests and sweeps can affirm your doubt.

The imperative thing is to be perceptive and endeavor to be as responsive as early as you can to your cat’s requirement.

As soon you detect the signs and indications the better, so cat can get treatment at the earliest opportunity and hence keep any further harm to her body.


how long can cats go without food

how long can cats go without food

You have many questions in your mind like

How long can a newborn kitten go without eating?

How long can a cat live without water?

Why do cats stop eating before they die?

What to do if your cat is not eating?

How long can cats go without pooping?

How long can a cat last without food.

My cat stopped eating and drinking.

How long can you leave a cat by itself?

We took concern about these and defined whole thing for your cat’s health.

Now heading on to how long can cats go without food?

The answer is probably 4 days if your cat is healthy and adult but if it is new born it will live hardly for 1 day.

This condition may have different causes. We will go through as many are possible in this article. Further will be attached soon.


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