Combination Cooking Methods | Dry, Moist and Combined

combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

Combination Cooking Methods | Dry, Moist and Combined

The Combination cooking methods include both dry and moist heat cooking.  Stewing, Braising and pot roasting is each combination cooking methods which are wonderful for cooking difficult (tastier) slices of meats. These kinds of combination cooking methods need long, disciplined cooking to apply difficult slices of meat into those fork trend dishes that we usually refer to as “luxury foods”.

In this article, you will discover the few key points and fundamentals of combination cooking methods. Knowing these key point basics will accommodate you Stewing, Braising or pot roasting with no need for a recipe.

Combination cooking methods can be grouped into three categories:


  1. Dry heat methods

combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

Dry heat cooking methods, with or without fat like mix browning, searing, profound broiling, and sauteing depend on fats and oil to go about as the cooking stuff.  In dry heat methods that don’t utilize fat; like flame broiling and simmering sustenance is cooked either by immediate or circuitous utilization of brilliant heat. No fluid is utilized, and any fat that is included amid the cooking procedure is expected to add season and not to go about as a cooking medium. The final product is an exceptionally seasoned outside and moist inside.


  1. Moist heat methods

combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

Moist heat methods, for example, steaming, shallow poaching, profound poaching, and stewing; have customarily filled in as straightforward and prudent approaches to get ready sustenance. A considerable lot of the great dishes of the world are readied utilizing moist heat methods since water-dissolvable supplements are not drawn out of the nourishment as promptly. The outcome is delicate, gently seasoned, and energizing dishes.


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  1. Combination of dry and moist heat methods


combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

These combination cooking methods, which apply both dry heat and moist heat, are fitting for sustenance that is excessively extreme, making it impossible to be effectively arranged by some other technique. Delicate nourishments, for example, fish and vegetables can likewise be braised or stewed effectively; nonetheless, they will require less cooking fluid, a lower temperature, and a shorter cooking time. The initial step for most combination cooking methods is to burn the primary thing. Next, braising is viewed as proper for sustenance that is divide measure or bigger, and for cuts from additional practiced regions of huge creatures, develop entire winged animals, or substantial fish. Stewing can utilize similar meat cuts, yet the fundamental thing is cut into chomp estimate pieces and the measure of fluid utilized as a part of the connection to various fixings differs starting with one style of arrangement then onto the next.

 Applying These Combination Cooking Methods


If you are an amateur cook, you may ponder which combination cooking methods to utilize when comes to various sorts of nourishment/some portion of cut meats. Try not to stress, the more you cook, practice and test, the more normal you would adjust to these cooking methods in the blink of an eye! There is no compelling reason to purchase a costly bit of meat to cook a delicate, delightful dish on the off chance that you have no full comprehension of how to apply the combination cooking methods.

Be that as it may, regardless of the possibility that you have full learning of those methods, you needn’t bother with a costly bit of meat as well; a genuine culinary expert can influence the least expensive slice of meat to taste tasty! Despite the fact that it would be an awesome advantage in the event that you can completely comprehend those cooking methods that are required on those distinctive cuts from the creatures.

Moist heat methods

combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

Poaching method

Poaching method needs very low heat for cooking settled at between 158F to 180F. The heated water should be only having slight vapors and without balloons. The Poaching method gives an atmosphere that is peaceful enough to cook fine foods such as eggs.

Simmering method

The simmering method is the common equitable cooking method with a usual limit of heat which is determined as 185 to 205F. It is very common if you saw small bubbles bursting through the liquid top while simmering method. The simmering method provides meaningful flavor release in meats and soups.

Boiling method

Boiling method needs the greatest heat for submersion that defined at 212F. The boiling method would produce a remarkable rapid water penetrating with a bubble if it reaches the top boiling temperature. Still, not many cooking methods needed boiling method as the single one that needs it is to cook pasta.

Steaming method

Same as the boiling method as it needs the top heat at 212F. Just the steam that is created from the boiling water is in touch with the foods. Steaming method is a conventional cooking method because it gives fast cooking experience with big heat plus moist heat cooking environment.

Dry Heat Cooking Methods

combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

Sauteing method

The saute method needs little oil among high heat, the purpose why oil is required because the high temperature stops moisture from leaving, also bypass the oil from splattering and possibly causing a flame.

Roasting & Baking method

The roasting and baking methods are performed with the oven which uses air rather convection that shifts heat to the component.

Various people often consider that a convection or conventional oven is the same, however, they are not true. A convection oven utilizes fan mode to evenly disperse the heat throughout, cook the components evenly and quicker.

Grilling method

Grilling method uses the dry heat method that prepares the food ingredients on a grill. It is excellent that the meat is cut into smaller slices. Continuous monitoring is much needed in this cooking method as you do not desire to eat the burned meat!

Broiling method

The broiling method is related and nearly opposite to grilling process. Broiling method uses shining heat from an overheat source, and the food that is to broil may be set on an already heated metal grate then the heat from upside will prepare the food while the grill below checks it.

Deep-fat/ deep Frying method

Deep fat method or deep Frying method is another popular cooking method. I oftentimes think that Deep fat method or deep Frying method is a moist heat method, but I am incorrect. It is slightly a dry heat method. Now Deep fat method or deep Frying method requires the very high temperature that could be as high as 392F. This heat allows the food to be heated and browned quicker.

Combination of Moist and Dry-Heat Methods

combination cooking methods

combination cooking methods

A popular combination cooking method is understood as Braising. The Braising method uses the dry heat cooking method leading, such as lamb foreleg that you would pan frying or saute to assure that decent fine caramelized of the food.

As the lamb foreleg is well seared and perfectly caramelized, the meat is then put into stock. Then proceed cooking till it is simmered or Braised, your lamb meat will then be delicate and tender.  Braising method is perfect for using on the difficult part of the meat.

Sous Vide method

What is Sous Vide cooking method?

The sous vide method is almost new that was produced in the late 70s. Sous vide cooking method is that the food is vacuumed and sealed in plastic bag and then simmered the entire object in water and makes it boil completely. It is to exclude the food stocks from the outside atmosphere. Wherever it made in this way that maintains its natural taste.

Sous vide cooking method makes cooking straight at a definite temperature. However, this cooking method may need time and struggle to understand how to do it accurately.


I believe this article help you learn more about the combination cooking methods also a small on discovering how to cook. You can ever look up for a better knowledge of how to cook step-by-step at each of these cooking methods like dry heat, moist heat or combination cooking methods on kitchenem.

All the best!


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